🛠️D4A Halting

D4A Protocol Halting when

  • Major ETH mainnet Exception that could jeopardise D4A security

  • Major D4A protocol Exception that implicates asset security

  • Major D4A frontend, backend and service Exceptions that implicates asset security

  • D4A team will engage after halting.

DAO Halting when

  • SubDAO Asset Pool Exception

  • D4A team will engage after halting.

Canvas Halting when

  • Canvas is confirmed for Intellectual Property infringement.

  • Canvas is confirmed for major content violation (terrorism, child porn).

  • Halted Canvas can still be reached by search, and minted NFT and Works not under investigation can still be displayed. NFTs and Works that are confirmed for IP infringement, anti-human and/or child porn will not be displayed on D4A. Canvas Creator and DAO Creator will be able to see the contents in question for appeal and investigation purposes.

  • Works uploaded but not minted need not to be taken down, but Canvas Creator cannot execute new actions of uploads or take-downs. No new mint possible in this Canvas until problem solved.

  • When halted, Canvas Creator will stop receiving new DAO Token with DRBs. All Canvas-relevant rights to the DAO Asset Pool will also be suspended. Whistleblowers and NFT Minters can present evidence for the judgement of compensation and/or penalty for this to recover to a certain extent. (D4A team will be the governance body at the moment, but soon in the future that belongs to D4A DAO itself).

DAO Collection NFT Halting

  • In compliance with ERC-721 standard, no haltings possible.

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