🦄As a Canvas Creator (NFT Artists)

Canvas Creator will receive 70% of their Mint Sale in ethers, 30% of the Mint Sale in equivalent DAO Token, which will later be entitled to secondary market trading royalties (Creator Fee).

Mint Sale and DFP

As the NFT artist, your role is to create a Canvas on which you upload your works. Minters will choose based on his/her taste and mint works into NFTs onchain, becoming permanent part of the DAO collection.

You should first choose the DAO matching your taste, create a Canvas under that DAO, and create works based on your desire. It can be matching the DAO Creator’s idea, it can be anything else, too! So be creative. Not that we recommend messing around, but you can do it and should there’s a minter to be amused, he/she can mint it. It’s a free market.

Also we recommend you join the DAO Creator published community channels first, getting in touch with him could be beneficial, and you can coordinate with other artists and minters in the community. Together you can create much more innovative contents, instead of being confined to what already exists.

After you upload works, minters will be able to mint them in the next DRB. The minting price will be at least the DFP, or DAO Floor Price. But if your canvas is hot, the price will go up quickly. In D4A’s current model, mint price will be doubled for next mint, so if minter keep minting many of your works in 1 DRB, that really tells something. But everything has a limit, if for 1 DRB none of your works got minted, the price cut by half, and continues if still no sale, till it reaches the DFP. If all works on all Canvas of the same DAO got no mint, the DFP drops.

DAO Token

As the title suggest, you will receive 70% of your Mint Sale revenue immediately in ethers (in your connected wallet address). The other 30% will be in DAO Tokens of the equivalent amount. By equivalent we mean after the Mint Window you will be able to swap these DAO Tokens for at least the original ether amount. However, you may not want to, as these DAO Tokens will provide you a cut in future secondary market trading royalties of this collection.


DAO Creator had set this rate originally, and for D4A’s current iteration, this is limited to 5%-10%. Your DAO Tokens holding/the circulating total equals your cut of this royalties revenue. So if you are holding 10% of the circulating DAO Token, and this DAO’s NFT collection received a 100,000 ethers trading volume and a 5,000 (5%) ethers royalties payoffs, your DAO Tokens are worth 500 ethers now, plus its original ethers that are sitting in the DAO Asset Pool. Also notice that, even if many of your collaborating artists in the same DAO will dump DAO Token before you, they will not be swapping out more than they should. As there’s no way of buying DAO Token at a lower face value than its corresponding ethers in the DAO Asset Pool, you can always swap back at least the original ether amount. Actually, if other DAO Token holders sell earlier with a smaller DAO Asset Pool, your DAO Token holdings will later represent a larger cut.

To-Dos in the Community

To maximise your gain with your DAO Token, obviously you need a hot market value and trading volume of this DAO’s collection. Not only should you engage with the community especially the minters, actively promote this collection externally, you are also expected to work with all types of other players to think of better ways to iterate the contents of this collection. Vary from art types, you may want to, together with others, start a new collection and continue the storyline or enrich the world settings. Or, in the future, with owner-leased NFTs, evolve them into new shapes.

For the same reason, if your works are stagnant to sell while others gets mint like hot cakes, do not be jealous or hateful. Your interests are aligned, you will get more if this DAO is going well.

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