🐣As a DAO Creator (Producer, Screenwriter, Planning)

DAO Creator will receive 3% of the total DAO Token circulating supply, rewarded each DRB linearly.

Contents of a DAO

A DAO Creator can be an individual, an organization or even a multisig address.

As a DAO Creator, you will be building a whole new world with full background story and mission statement (manifesto). You are also expected to upload theme pictures and other relevant art works to enrich this world.

Pay attention to the wording. Concrete and detailed wording leads to specific art contents you have in mind while blurry ones may open up possibilities. This may depend on whether you already have artists working together or work alone.

Also try not to expect art works matching your taste to be minted for certain, as this will be the decision to make by minters. The beautiful part of a DAO is that it does allow for all sorts of tastes.

To maximise the potentials of this DAO (as well as your interests in the form the DAO Token, which appreciates based on Mint Sale and secondary market trading royalties), you should proactively promote this DAO in external places, and be prepared to coordinate with the DAO community.

Parameter Settings

In the Create page, you will set some important parameters for this DAO.

For Mint Window, you will set for how long the mint event will last. Take into consideration what is the type of content you expect to include, as more sophisticated and collaborated contents like collaborative writing or ACG require longer period of time to evolve, while if you have some contents ready and want limited opportunities for minters offered, shorten this anyway.

For starting Floor Price, this applies to all Canvas in the beginning. This is the impression you want to make on minters as well as Canvas Creators. However, setting it too high may lead to days of 0 mint, which looks bad and hurt activities data. This price will be discovered by the market after each DRB.

For collection cap, set how many pcs of NFT can be minted, again, this involves the art type. For D4A’s current iteration, this is temporarily fixed to 100,000 pcs.

Finally, the most important one, the royalty rate, or Creator Fee rate. This is the key incentive for all D4A DAOs, that even includes D4A team. You should set this responsibly as setting it too high will have huge negative impacts on tradings. However, this option is yours, since art type would be taken into consideration. In D4A’s current iteration, this rate is fixed to 5%-10% for you to choose from.

Organising a Community

Community first, although you can choose not to, you should provide external links for organising a DAO community. We recommend tools like Discord, Twitter and Telegram. This is the main theatre where you steer the community to the direction you prefer, and cheer it up in bad weather. This will become even more critical after the Mint Window, as promoting its secondary market value and trading are of everyone’s interests. Also, future content iterations may happen first in community discussions.

Contract Deployment and Royalties

D4A will deploy individual contracts for every DAO collection after Mint Window. Compliant to EIP-2981, the royalties parameter you set will be written into the contract, so marketplaces who can read it will know this automatically. For those who require filling in this information manually, D4A will do it on behalf of the DAO. Do notice royalties payoffs come with delays different markets to markets. All royalties will go into the DAO Asset Pool, which is essentially the underlying asset for DAO Tokens.

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