🐙As a Minter-Owner (Collector)

Minters are the NFT collectors who pay to get certain works minted. They enjoy the best risk-return structure and exert the power to shape a DAO collection into what they want.


DAO Floor Price is the first thing you should learn about as a minter, after you have found a DAO and a Canvas to your taste. DAO has its own floor price, representing the lowest possible price to mint an NFT from any of its Canvas. Canvas have their own prices that may be higher and different from one to another. For each DAO, the mint slots available for 1 DRB will be the collection cap/mint window.

The second part of this is you should watch out for price movements of a Canvas. In D4A’s current iteration, for every successful mint sale, the subsequent mint slot for any work of that Canvas will be doubled. This means that if a work of a Canvas gets minted for 0.1 ether in the morning, and you still want to mint another work from that Canvas in the evening (in the same DRB), and this is the 5th one from the same Canvas of that day, you will have to pay 3.2 ether!

If a Canvas gets no mint sale in a DRB, its mint slot price cut by half, and if 0 mint continues, it drops to DFP. If this happens to all Canvas of a DAO, the DFP drops.

But the dilemma is, you know if it’s really hot, you would miss out in waiting for the price to come down. The judgement is yours.

Reading the Activities

Some of the parameters that require explanation:

DRE: Estimated total of mint revenue, DAO Token reward and future royalties payoffs. Its recipient can be a single Canvas or a DAO. This figure will tell you its potential to incentivise the creators.

NTVR: NFT Trading Volume Rate, Canvas new mint sale volume/that of the entire DAO (ETH) during each DRB. DAO token are rewarded to Canvas Creator at this rate with each DRB. This figure will tell your who’s the leader Canvas within its DAO at the moment.

7D DRB Vol: Total mint sale (ETH) of each Canvas for the last 7 DRB. This rank figure tells you a more organic status of the leading Canvas, which will remove some inaccuracies associated with hype minting in one DRB.

Shaping a Collection

Firstly we recommend you to join the community set up by DAO Creator, with links on the DAO page. But certainly you can form your own with other fellow minters, or Canvas Creators.

Minted works will become permanent part of the DAO’s NFT collection. And considering Canvas Creators can freely upload almost anything, you will be responsible for minting the ones that will bring best value to the collection with your own judgement. You can choose based on how much these works matches the theme of the DAO, or purely by the quality of themselves. You can do this by checking which creator is leading, you can pick the underdogs. And yes, you can mint completely irrelevant ones. The choice is yours.

But you do know that in the end of the day, it’s your money, and the contents of this collection have huge impact on its secondary market value.

And this is also influenced by what other minters do, that’s why we recommend you joining the community to discuss and coordinate.

Content Iteration

Chances are, the Mint Window is over and you, together with other minters, are both LFG and dissatisfied. You have a few terrible ones in the collection, or irrelevant ones, or contradictory ones, or just poor quality ones. But this can be fixed.

Firstly you need to work with creators to discuss possible future iterations, next chapter, more storylines, enriched world settings, etc. A coordinated effort can be done to iterate the contents with either owners leasing their NFTs under EIP-4907 (a future D4A iteration may support this), or just re-minting a new collection with excluded one and new ones. This can apply to many types of art, so think outside of PFP collection you have seen. Think of fiction novels, anime, comics or even videos and games.

As the title says, minters enjoy the best risk-return structure right at or before an NFT collection’s birth. They also have the power to shape a collection into what they want (by minting what they prefer, at prices that tells how much they want it, and communicating with artists with their taste). The DAO Creator may have created a world, but you will be the gods of it.


A DAO’s NFT collection, after Mint Window, will be an onchain deployed contract. So technically you can trade it anywhere that has deployed this contract. Do notice D4A will, at the current stage, proactively deploy them on Opensea. D4A may also explore other marketplaces so long as they respect the royalties information written in the contract.

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