DAO-Canvas-Works & Players

  • A D4A DAO is created by a DAO Creator who will set the name, background story and manifesto of this DAO, consider it creating a new world. The DAO Creator will also configure its starting floor price for NFT mints, collection cap as well as the Mint Window during which this mint event lasts. Center part of the job is that the DAO Creator will also set the royalties rate for all future secondary market tradings of the DAO collection NFTs, which will be written into its contract. Note that in D4A’s current iteration the configuration options will be limited to reduce learning cost and computation complexity.

  • A Canvas Creator will create a canvas under a certain DAO. This canvas is used to present this artist’s works for the minter to choose from. All presented works will not be onchain until they get minted, and minted works become part of the DAO’s NFT collection.

  • A Minter is the art collector who see value in early stages of a DAO and seizes its superior risk-return structure as an opportunity. Minter is the one who picks individual art works from different Canvas to mint. The minter is responsible for picking the better options out of many works from many canvas to form the final DAO collection. Note that doing so will have positive or negative impacts on the DAO collection contents and future market value individually and as a whole, so the minter must calculate with all knowledge, wisdom and vision and bear the risk. The minter is also responsible for minting the art works at a fair price based on his/her own judgement. Should the minter keeps hodling the minted NFT, he/she maintains its owner status, but this status does not mean anything tangible in D4A’s current iteration.

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