🌤️Introduction to DAO4ART

ERC721 ←Block→ ERC20

Platform Overview

  • DAO4ART is designed as a DAO to produce more DAOs that respectively or collectively create art works. These art works may include, but not limited to, PFP NFT collections, storylines, fictions, ACG contents and other forms of art. Mainly 3 types of players exist: DAO Creator, Canvas Creator and Minter-Owners.

  • Driven → an incentive-compatible model with automatically generated ERC20 tokens, i.e. DAO Token, both DAO Creators and Canvas Creators are rewarded immediately and long-term to create a better art collection with aligned interests. Minter-Owners as the art collectors will benefit from a better risk-return structure from the very beginning of any NFT collection and its subsequent secondary market tradings. All players will have impacts on the content and market value of DAO collections.

  • Compared to traditional NFT collection production, D4A DAOs enable a collaborative workflow that involves and incentivises all players from the get-go. The goal is to build bootstrapping DAO for all kinds of art DAOs to grow.

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